Amarjit Singh Modi is a world-renowned palmist, psychic, meditation teacher and healer.


At an early age he realized his calling was to teach people awareness and inspire them to experience joy. After more than 58 years of spiritual study and practice, Singh Modi has acquired a vast knowledge of all the world's religions and the teachings of the world's great spiritual teachers.

By reading the palms of 58,000 people from 193 countries, he has shared spiritual wisdom and guided them how to discover their gifts and life purpose.

His journey to spiritual enlightenment has taken him around the globe, and his love of people has made him several hundred friends on each continent. Singh has an extraordinary sensitivity to people's subtle inner experiences, enabling him to read past life and aura from the palm. He says, "I learned that the true experience of love is a journey and destination of endless joy."

Singh is now a Happiness and Love Consultant to clients around the world with different backgrounds and teaches How to Know Thyself and Love Thyself to discover the mystery of life. He is also the founder of Indo-Greek Yoga, uniting India's spirit and body yoga with his discovery of the ancient mind healing practice of Epidavarus in Greece.

Mr. Singh is also the founder of International school of "Seven Direction School of Choices", where the seekers of knowledge are both the student and teacher.

Says Don Simmons, a palmistry teacher at Phoenix and Dragon, "You'll respect Singh for his insights, you'll love him for his laughter". Lewis Harrison, a Wealth, Wellness and Wisdom coach says, "There are many different types of teachers in this world. Some you seek out and others find you. And then there is that special type of teacher who arrives with the very thing you need to hear, just when you'd need to hear it. Singh Modi is such a teacher".

Mr. Singh's greatest discovery is that Love is an exchange of Joy (joy experienced when love is expressed in service), and no one can give you love, because it is part of your genetic structure. We know love only when we experience it.

Mr. Singh has written 5 books: 1. The Heart Speaks to the Mind, 2. Mary Energy: How to experience Joy, 3. Christ: Mother Mary's Gift of Life, 4. Discover Your Divine Destiny and Live with Joy, 5. Five Finger Path of Happiness.

Mr. Singh is in the process of writing 5 more books: 1. Joy of Oneness, 2. Feng Shui Of the Mind, 3. Wisdom from the Cosmos, 4. Love is a Journey of no Distance, 5. How to Make Choices From the Heart.